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SussexSeaFishing - Match/Meets



Any opportunity I have to set up a meet I will try, however, if there are no meets listed and you would like to fish we me and other SSF viewers, then please email me and i will try and set one up. My email is craigide@hotmail.co.uk.

Previous Meet Reports:


 Craig Ide          (2lb 12oz, 5 Flounders)


 Jay Bradley      (1lb 2oz, 2 flounders)


 Simon Pickles (15oz, 1 Gar & 1 Mackerel)

 Most Fish

 Craig Ide          (14oz Flounder)

 Heviest Fish

 Craig Ide          (5 Flounders)


Craig Ide 1st (me) with 3 of my flounders


Jay Bradley 2nd (report writer) with his 2 flounders

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Copyright  © 2006 SussexSeaFishing


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