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 This page is dedicated to those pics and catches from days gone by throughout sussex



Top left: Roy Arnold and 'Farmer' George Pepper with a decent pair of Bass (7lb and 9lb 2oz respectively)

Top right: Long time Palace Pier Club member Gerry Miller with a good

Bottom left: A young James Morris with a Monster Scad

Bottom right: Roy Arnold and Bill Newman with some Palace Pier Pollack

All fish were caught on the Palace Pier


Above: This bizarre looking fish is a Lumpsucker caught by member of BPPAA Bill Piper - 13lb 1oz. The fish was weighed, photographed and then taken to the Brighton Aquarium (now the Sealife Centre)


Above (top): 24lb 8oz Conger caught by Keith Stoner. Some of you may recognise Keith as he sometimes collects the fishing tickets on Brighton Marina.

Above (bottom): Paper Extract from the BPPAA clube presentation which is still running each year to date.



Top left: BPPAA Club Secretary, Roy Arnold with a 7lb Bass

Top right: Victor Sinden with a 3lb Plaice

Middle left: Roger Lyman with a Palace Pier Bass

Middle right: Some old faces you may recognise (left to right) Jonty Kinnear, John 'inky' Inkpen, Bob Griffiths and Paul 'Vince' Vincent larking around on the Palace Pier in 1976.

Bottom left: Another Long time Palace Pier Club member, Sam Sampson with some Golden Grey Mullet

Bottom right: Roger Melling with a decent Bass

All fish were caught from the Palace Pier

 If you wish to send in your own pics or comments about this page to be added then please email me at craigide@hotmail.co.uk

A special thanks to Roy and Glenn Arnold (ArnoldteamSSF) who supplied many of these pics from the Brighthon Palace Pier Angling Association archives.

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