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i thought i would give a report on my findings on the new 7ht mag as very few are availible at moment until early next year. 


the build quality on these reels are excellent  also very pretty to look at,

first thing of importance is that you will need to check mag setting from the second you remove from box as all the other 7 ht reels can be casted straight from box. i had my first chuck with the mag setting on no 2 which was how it came out of box, nearly blew the reel up. readjusted mag to no 5 then launched it again, perfect, by the end of the session i had the mag down to 3.5. nice mag control fitted which has ratchet fitting so you can judge even in dark which setting you are on as moves in half notch at a time.


very smooth to cast when set correctly,  this reel is extremely fast with the mags off and although extremely smooth and relatively quiet on the bearing front but  if not adjusted correctly will become untameable and by no means novice / user friendly.


the general idea with the new magnofuge system is to allow the reel to hit max revs 30000 before the mags come into play, and as the reel slows the mags automaticaly back off.


you will be able to hit huge distances with these reels, with the correct technique. very smooth to reel in even under load  thanks too the power handle and the extra bearings.


to be honest priced at £160 these reels are not cheap and to be honest the abu 6500 premium in my opinion is as easy to use but not quite as smooth, bearing in mind you can buy the 6500 mag for around £99.00.


all in all a very well presented high performance high spec mag reel, casts superb , smooth rewind .

not sure how robust the cosmetics on this reel will be with the blue and gold detailing, only time will tell.

this is just  my own personal view and opinion on this reel and other peoples views may differ.


• Magnofuge - reactive magnetic control
• Six bearings including five CRBB’s
• High grade brass drive gear
• Stainless steel pinion gear
• Rigid one-piece duraluminium frame
• Infinite anti reverse
• Daiwa five-point support system and low-frame crossbars • Lightweight anodized aluminium spool
• Smooth and powerful star drag
• Improved power handle

i will keep you informed of any other sessions i have this week craig.

cheers, kev.


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Comment: hi there me and my son fished shoreham beach today 9/5/2009 about 200 yards from the arm using red rag and lug only caught on red rag 7 schoolies 3 flatys 1 being a good size 11"there was a couple of other anglers there using squid and mackerell and thay caught nothing seems red rag is bait to have hope this helps fellow fisherman


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